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Where did the idea for And By The Way come from?

I was having coffee with an artist friend. We were thinking up ideas for children's picture books. My friend went to the bathroom. While she was gone, a voice came into my head.
It was a teenage girl giving her Dad, a rock star, a really hard time. Her voice was sarcastic and cutting but her anger was honest, real and filled with hurt. (That actual converstion is in Chapter One of the book.) I had no plans to write a book about a sixteen-year-old, but Alex's voice entered my head and wouldn't leave. I started to write it down and decided to see where it would take me. I ended up with what I think is the best novel I've written. 

Who is your favourite character?

My outright favourite is Louis. I like the bad boy in him. But I also like the good that is there under the surface. I also love Alex's dad, 'The Rockstar'. He is just a normal guy trying to do his best. Marsha's another favourite. I don't really know why! 

Who is your favourite of the three girls?

Rachel is the nicest character and, if you asked me which of the girls I'd like as a friend, she would be my choice. My favourite, though, is Sarah. She's a bit dizzy and immature but she's positive and quick to forgive. She always bounces back. Sarah really does want to be a good friend, she's just not quite sure how. You get to see more of Sarah in the second book of the series, And For Your Information...

Are any of the characters based on real life?

Homer is our dog. It was great to be able to put him in a book. Other than that, no.

Why are they called The Butterfly Novels?

They are novels based on the friendship between three girls who, when texting each other, always sign off with a butterfly emote }{

Was it hard writing about loss?

I must be morbid because I loved it. Sometimes, when writing And By The Way, I'd find myself in tears. The postman must think I've a terrible life.

What is the next novel in the series and who is it about?

The next novel is called And For Your Information... It's about Sarah. It will be out in September 2011.


And By The Way by Denise Deegan


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