Meet The Cast

'A word of advice to teachers,' Alex says in the first Butterfly Novel, 'if you don't want three people to become friends, don't send them to detention together on their first day.'

Alex, Sarah and Rachel are sixteen and still friends when the first Butterfly Novel, And By The Way, opens. They still attend Strandbrook college which has got a little more interesting since two new students have joined the class: David McFadden and Mark Delaney. Even Simon Kelleher, who has always been around, looks a little hotter in their company. Then there's Louis, Sarah's older, college-going, bad-boy, brother. Louis is the kind of guy you stay away from – if you can.

Meet the cast:


Most likely to say: I'm OK
Least likely to say: I need help
Fave Fictional Character: Forrest Gump
Fave Family Guy Character: Brian
Fave Movie: The Naked Gun
Fave TV Programme: Anything on Discovery Channel
Fave Childhood Story: The Selfish Giant
Ideal Man: Santa Claus
Fave Website: IMDB
Fave Subject: Art
Bedside Reading: Don't read in bed
Fave Song: Mad World
Fave Sport: Snowboarding
Loves: Being left alone. My Gran. My dog Homer.
Hates: Personal questions. Being a rock star's daughter


Most likely to say: We're due a serious party
Least likely to say: Let's study
Biggest Ambition: To fall properly in love
Fave Fictional Character: Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
Fave Family Guy Character: Brian
Fave Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Fave TV Programme: 90210, Glee, Wife Swap USA, Desperate Housewives  
Fave Childhood Story:  Beauty and The Beast
Ideal Man: Robbie Williams
Fave Subject: French isn't completely awful 
Fave Website: and Twitter
Bedside Reading: Hello, OK, Kiss.
Fave Song:  Circus by Britney Spears
Fave Sport: The cow race on Wii Play
Loves: Gossip, Guys, Gadgets, Parties, Disco Balls, Chocolate
Hates: Exams. When you're short a few cents & shops don't let you off. When the people beside you at concerts don't dance. Being left out.


Most likely to say: You OK?
Least likely to say: I don't know what to do with my life
Biggest Ambiton: To be a cardio-thoracic surgeon. And an actress.
Fave Family Guy Character: Peter
Fave Fictional Character:  Yoda from Star Wars
Ideal Man: Johnny Depp
Fave Movie: The Sixth Sense
Fave TV Programme: Grey's Anatomy
Fave Childhood Story:  Rumpelstiltskin
Fave Website: YouTube
Fave Subject: Science
Bedside Reading: Stack of medical encyclopaedias
Fave Song: Break Even by The Script
Fave Sport: Skiing
Loves: Surprises. Days Off
Hates: Drivers splashing through puddles. Queue skippers


Most likely to say: No problem
Least likely to say: You're on your own
Biggest Ambition: Just be happy
Fav Fictional Character: Woody from Toy Story
Fave Family Guy Character: Peter
Fave Movie: Waveriders
Ideal Woman: Alex Newman
Fave TV Programme: South Park  
Fave Childhood Story:  The Fox and The Hound
Fave Subject: Woodwork  
Fave Website:,
Bedside Reading: The Best of Gary Larson
Fave Song: Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols
Fave Sport: Surfing, Sailing, Snowboarding
Loves: The sea.
Hates: Sunscreen.


Most likely to say: Watch your back
Least likely to say: Seriously
Biggest Ambition: To master chopsticks
Fave Fictional Character: Macbeth
Fave Family Guy Character: Peter
Fave Movie: Inside Man
Fave TV Programme: Scrubs
Fave Childhood Story: The Little Mermaid
Ideal Woman: Lady Macbeth
Fave Subject: Maths 
Fave Website:  YouTube
Bedside Reading: The Prince by Machiavelli 
Fave Song: Hallelujah - the Leonard Cohen version
Fave Sport: Rugby
Loves: Acting (full-time)
Hates: Pressure


Most likely to say: Hotties at three o'clock
Least likely to say: Sorry
Biggest Ambition: To be World Snooker Champion
Fave Fictional Character: Ironman
Fave Family Guy Character: Stewie
Fave Movie: The Hangover 
Fave TV Programme: Wife Swap USA
Fave Childhood Story: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Ideal Woman: Jessica Alba
Fave Subject: Maths 
Fave Website: Facebook
Bedside Reading: The Bible, ha, ha.
Fave Song: Undead by Hollywood Undead
Fave Sport: Rugby (Watching, not playing)
Loves: Picnics 
Hates: Flies


Most likely to say: Hello, ladies
Least likely to say: I'm already dating
Biggest Ambition: To sleep twelve hours running
Fave Fictional Character: Animal from The Muppet Show
Fave Family Guy Character: Stewie
Fave Movie: Zoolander
Fave TV Programme: Californication   
Fave Childhood Story: Bambi
Ideal Woman: Pink
Fave Subject: Life
Fave Website: YouTube
Bedside Reading: Top Gear
Fave Song: Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't Have by The Buzzcocks
Fave Sport: Grand Prix
Loves: Good tippers
Hates: Bad tippers. False modesty

And By The Way by Denise Deegan


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