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'At Strandbrook College, we are Kids Of. Kids of diplomats, media stars, musicians, artists, actors, oh, and wealthy people who aspire to all of that,' Alex Newman says in the first book of the series, And By The Way. Alex's own dad is a rock star. As far as she's concerned, that's the bad news.

And By The Way is the story of Alex who has lost her mum to cancer and her dad, 'The Rockstar', to work. Alex is angry. With everyone. Especially David McFadden who could have helped her but didn't. Now, six months later, Alex doesn't want help. She's not going to trust anyone, love anyone, rely on anyone. That way, she'll never get hurt again. At least, that's her plan....

A taste from the book:

And By The Way

I stare at him and drop the rope. He can so undo it himself. I'm about to leave, when he takes my face in his hands and kisses me. I pull back immediately.
            'What the hell?' I look quickly around. We're hidden behind a huge flapping sail.
            He just smiles and kisses me again. And now, someone, please tell me why, I'm kissing him back. I pull away like I've kissed a toad.
            'What are you doing?'
            'Same thing you're doing,' he says, his smile lazy now. And suddenly it's not a boy in my class any more but this windswept, tanned and totally hot guy who wears beads around his neck and plaited leather on his wrist. My face is inches from his and getting closer when I stop. What am I doing? I look at him, totally cold.
            'That was a one-off thing.'
            I turn quickly and walk.
            My legs have never felt so wobbly.


' of Ireland's most promising young writers...'
RTE Guide

'...Denise Deegan draws her characters warmly yet with subtle complexities...'
Irish Examiner

'...sparky dialogue, fresh storylines, believable characters...'
Irish Times

'...a fantastic read...'
RTE Guide

'...a gripping read that is uplifting and perceptive – a book to savour...'
Irish Independent

'...a delight: a ripping, page-turning tale of modern Ireland...stellar effort...'
Irish Mail on Sunday

'...a story that pulls the reader in, with appealing characters and surprise twists...'
Evening Herald

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And For Your Information

And For Your Information

And For Your Information is the story of Sarah, who is not minted like her friends. She has a boyfriend (kind of), a father (who has moved out) and two friends (who get on better with each other than they do with her). Sarah is waiting for her life to begin. It does. When she is caught shoplifting.

A Taste From the Book

At my favourite cosmetics counter, I pick up an eye shadow. It's the colour of peacock feathers. When I move it under the light, it sparkles. I find a tester and try it out. It's amazing. It makes my eyes stand out. In a good way. Not like a frog's or those people you see with thyroid problems. I check the price. And put it back. I try to think of a way. If I went without smoothies for a week.... But then you can't exactly sit with nothing in front of you while your friends suck away for hours.


I turn. Rachel's holds up two eyeshadows. They're practically the same colour.

'Which one?' she asks.

I hesitate.

'Oh, what the hell, I'll get them both.' She smiles, like she's totally mad. She goes to the counter – so easily, like money's air.

Alex is at a clothes rail. But she's barely touching the clothes, just gliding the hangers along without really looking. I know she's thinking of David.

I look back at the compact. Would they really miss one? I mean, how many just roll off the counter every day and get kicked under? Not that I'd take one. I'm not that kind of person. I run a finger over the colours. Longingly. Then I slip one into my palm. Just to see how easy it would be...

And Actually

Of the three friends, Rachel is the rock, the sensible, reliable one. When she is offered a part in a TV show, it brings her face-to-face with her past and memories she has kept hidden. Rachel is stronger now than she was then. There is no way she'll let her past destroy her future.

And Actually Novel

A Taste From the Book

Last thing every night, I lie in bed and gaze at a grey face with big, white eyes and tiny pupils, a face with a black line for a mouth which stretches left to right like an equator, a face that has arms and legs. This is my twin. Or at least a substitute for my twin.
I got my Uglydoll when I was seven and my parents moved me into a room of my own. Till then, I'd shared with Jack, my older brother by six-and-a-half minutes. Because Jack's in a class above me at school, people think he's just my brother. My parents have won. They always wanted us to be 'individuals'.
At first, I needed Uggs to see another face before I fell asleep. Now he's like a friend. The night Mark and I got together, I hugged him so tightly I'd have killed him if he'd been real. Actually, he is real. To me. The night my friend, Alex, had a baby, I soaked him in tears it was also the night our friend, Shane, died, leaving Sarah behind, a widow at seventeen. That was two weeks ago. Sometimes it feels like two minutes. Sometimes two years.

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And Actually a novel by Denise Deegan


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